One of the biggest concerns for all types of modern business is how to reduce expenditure on business critical elements such as water and energy consumption.

A commercial energy audit from OCD EW can help your business reduce its water and energy expenditure and develop a highly effective energy saving strategy.

Our commercial water and energy audits give you the knowledge required to identify the largest potential savings for your business and which energy investments will give the greatest cost benefits. This then allows you to make informed choices to lower your expenditure on water and energy consumption and increase profitability.

While our commercial water and energy audits are often tailored to our clients’ specific needs, every commercial audit carried out by our professional water and energy assessors reviews the impact of current water and energy usage at the granular level through visual analysis and measurement of all areas of water and energy consumption.

We can reduce water usage by up to 90% and lower energy usage by up to 50%.

How our commercial energy audits work

Our team of commercial energy assessors consider a wide range of elements when performing your commercial energy audit, including:

  • LED Lighting Feasibility Study
  • Air-conditioning pre-inspection
  • Energy tariff review
  • Renewables technology review
  • Measured and targeted EPC and DEC

Once we have audited your existing energy usage, our energy assessors compile the findings of your commercial energy audit into a report which covers your current energy profile, as well as proposed solutions to reduce energy consumption and expenditure for your business.