OCD Environmental Washroom Solutions - part of the OCD-FM associated group of companies.

OCD-FM has in the past two years set about looking for cost affective and easily used Intelligent Building hardware and software.

Because of our current agreements, agreed through extensive and collaborative negotiations OCD-FM (EW) can now offer a unique solution within the washroom.


The intelligent washroom

A technology led, remotely monitored and carbon footprint reducing solution that has proven data and customer advocacy showing: -

Reduced water consumption of up to 80% from our water saving toilets, that not only saves water but assists in meeting the new regulations on availability without adding toilets, and common maintenance issues.

Reduced Electrical usage along with revenue generating support software with our energy saving hand dryers.

Reduced maintenance (proven and referenced) on toilets, urinals and lighting.

Along with taps, atomisers, ventilation (air quality) control and soap dispensers, coupled with software that will reduce (unnecessary) monitoring manning levels.

The whole solution is supported by a direct, live and easily used remotely accessed reporting software package.


Can you, as an environmentally responsible company, afford not to talk to us?

OCD and its partners can offer financial support and in some cases when considered in conjunction with your Operational expenditure budgets, a FREE installation.

This is all supported by a vibrant and committed architecture partner, that will design a whole washroom, an energy partner that can support all your carbon reducing goals and a fit-out team that prides itself in quality finishes and turn key solutions.

We would love to help those that are serious in reducing their carbon footprint.